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A Public Service Announcement on Internet Safety. You never know who you’re talking to.

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New Option for Parental Computer and Internet Control

There is now a new option for parents to help them in their parental internet control.  Avalon Technology Group have created a computer mouse with a finger print reader.  This mouse allows parents to create different profiles for familly members and control access to various software programs based on these profiles.

They also mention that parental internet control software will be able to interface with the profile of the person using the fingerprint user to help make filtering decisions.  This will enable better control of who does what on the computer.

For example, if you have two children with a big age difference.  Currently it is possible that the older child can give his password to the younger one.  With this parental internet control solution this can not be done because a fingerprint in needed.

This is very good news for parents who want to keep their kids safe on the internet.

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Parental Internet Control Software Review: Kaspersky

Kaspersky, a Parental Internet Control Software vendor released a new version of it’s Kaspersky Internet Security Software.

I came across an interesting review in the Pak Tribune that contains comments on it’s parental internet control features.

The overall review was quite negative for parental control features. They found that the parental control tool was difficult to use and did not have advanced features.

It’s phishing filter ( to find sites masquerading as others ) was lacking and did not detect a number of phishing sites.

Beware if you have ( and you probably do ) anti-virus software installed as you may need to disable it or worst un-install it in order to avoid installation problems.

You can read the full Parental Internet Control software review here

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Parental Internet Control Software

There is no doubt about it the Internet is an extremely useful invention. Now that the Internet has matured, Parental Internet Control Software is a must have for parents who have computers accessible by their children.

Letting a child surf the internet without some kind Parental Internet Control is like leaving your child alone outside in a public place. Every stranger in the world has access to your child through the Internet! This is very scary indeed, but with the help of Parental Internet Control Software you can have some peace of mind that your child is safe.

Proper education is a must and we should all try to educate our children to know what is right or wrong. Parents need to be involved in their children’s Internet activities. The addition of Internet Security Software adds an extra layer of comfort that will protect your children from the inappropriate material that is rampant and easily accessible on the internet.

There are numerous options out there in respect to finding proper Parental Internet Control Software. Finding the one that is perfect for your family and lifestyle can be hard and time consuming.

Here is a list of things to look for in a good Internet Security solution.

  • Ease of use
  • Can it be installed on multiple computers?
  • Remote Control
  • Can it filter in multiple languages?
  • Can detect the use of proxies?
  • Can notify you when certain things happen

We will be discussing these topics and many more in future posts. If you have any specific issues that you would want discussed let use know by leaving a comment or using the Contact us page.

Keep your children safe with Parental Internet Control Software.

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